A global leader

Earthwool ® is part of the Knauf Group, which was originally founded way back in 1932. As a German, family-owned company, you know you can rely on Knauf for precision engineering, as well as high quality service and exceptional attention to detail. And now they have several manufacturing facilities located across Australia, so understand the needs of local customers.

The Group has many divisions in the building and construction materials industry, including its Insulation division (where the Earthwool® range sits), which it established more than 30 years ago. Today, it’s grown to become a global leader in insulation, providing superior products to both tradespeople and DIYers alike.

What sets Earthwool® apart?

The Earthwool® insulation range covers all your needs, with Ceiling, Wall, Floor and Multi-Use products available to suit almost any application. It’s the ECOSE® Technology that goes into every product that makes them so special, meaning they’re easy to handle, cut and install, super soft (so not itchy) and most importantly produce outstanding results – with varying levels of acoustic and thermal benefits gained, depending on the R-Value you choose.

Another difference you might notice about Earthwool products is their natural brown colour, which is due to the fact that we don’t add any dyes, artificial colours or bleaches. Most competitors on the other hand use formaldehyde and other harmful elements, which can be very unhealthy for customers and the environment.

With Earthwool® insulation products being BRANZ Appraised and fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia, you can be confident that you’re getting a safe, reliable and great quality solution.

Other Knauf Insulation products

Along with Earthwool®, we also produce a range of other high quality insulation products. These include DriTherm® Cavity slab, Supafil® CarbonPlus blow-in insulation, Climacoustic® HVAC insulation and Space Blanket® metal roof insulation. Visit the Knauf Insulation website to learn more about these products and the innovative technology behind them.