Wall Insulation

If you’re looking for high quality wall insulation, then look no further than Earthwool. Manufactured by the leader in both insulation technology and insulation sustainability, Knauf Insulation, Earthwool is the smart choice to insulate the walls of any structure, be it commercial or residential.

Earthwool is available in both external wall batts (which are predominantly focussed on thermal control) and internal wall batts (more focussed on acoustic control) and offer a range of densities in both, to suit any insulation situation. But why should you choose Earthwool? What does our insulation do that other insulation doesn’t?

Let’s take a look at why Earthwool is the smart choice for your next insulation job.

The Earthwool Wall Insulation Difference

The benefits of choosing Earthwool wall insulation are many and varied, and combine to create and insulation product which other options simply can’t match.

wall insulationAdvanced Compression

Earthwool’s advanced compression packaging cuts down markedly on space. You can transport greater amounts of batts – more square metres per bag mean more square metres per truckload, which will result in less trips to the jobsite and less warehouse space being taken up by insulation. This also means that Earthwool batts are easier to handle, leading to efficient installation on site. What’s more, Earthwool is made of particularly resilient glasswool, so the batts will pop straight back to their full thickness as soon as they’re decompressed. The strong poly bags in which Earthwool Wall Batts are packaged offer excellent protection to the insulation while in storage, guarding against dust, moisture and any accidental abuse.

Ease of Installation

Nothing can quite match Earthwool Wall Batts when it comes to ease of installation. The glasswool construction is of a consistent quality, allowing for an incredibly clean cut. This also means that minimal dust is created when the rolls are sliced up. Detailed instructions come with each roll, ensuring that even the most inexperienced of installers will be able to work productively. You or your installation teams will never be more efficient than with Earthwool wall insulation.

Superior Performance

The superior performance of Earthwool Wall Batts is another perk. Our external batts, while primarily designed for installation around a structure’s perimeter, can also be used for internal walls to reduce sound transmission from room to room. These are available in a range of thicknesses, densities and thermal conductivities to maximise energy savings. Our internal batts are more focussed on noise pollution, but are still excellent at ensuring the temperature of one room doesn’t bleed into another.

Resilience & Durability

Earthwool wall batts also boast incredible resilience and durability. The insulation is completely odourless, non-hygroscopic and rot proof. It’s also designed to actively discourage vermin from sustaining themselves within it, and will not encourage the growth of fungi, mould or bacteria. Earthwool is the preferred insulation choice by professional installers interested in quality, appearance and efficiency.

Green Credentials

What’s more, the name doesn’t lie – Earthwool wall insulation is the best choice for the earth. Made from recycled glass and with no added formaldehyde, it’s one of the greenest wall batts on the market. And the performance is such that our customers will be using far less energy to heat and cool their homes – good for both the planet and the back pocket!

Contact Earthwool Today

Interested in Earthwool internal or external wall insulation? Our team from Knauf Insulation is focussed on answering any query that you may have, and ensuring that you get the exact right product, delivered on time and in full. No matter what your insulation needs Earthwool is sure to have a product to suit.

Use our wizard to work out which product is best for you, then check out our online calculator in order to work out how much insulation you’ll need in your home and then visit your local Bunnings to buy and collect your wall insulation.