Insulation is important in summer as it helps regulate indoor temperatures by preventing the transfer of heat from the outside. This results in a cooler and more comfortable living environment. Effective insulation reduces the workload on your cooling systems, leading to energy savings and lower utility bills. Additionally, insulation can help maintain a consistent temperature and improve overall indoor comfort during the hottest months.

Why is insulation important?

Earthwool® insulation is a poor conductor of heat, meaning that warm or cold air won’t transfer through the material resulting in a consistent temperature inside the building. It does this thanks to its interwoven structure; the inside of the material is made of millions of small air pockets that catch any heat or cold trying to pass through, making it one of the most efficient materials to insulate any property.

In addition to its thermal benefits, Earthwool® provides high level of sound absorption and noise reduction, in new build or within existing buildings through retrofit, to provide improved sound insulation and acoustic comfort.

What insulation product to ask for?

Earthwool® insulation is designed specifically for each area to ensure they fit the required stud spacing, cavity depth and thermal ratings.

Earthwool® Ceiling insulation regulates indoor temperatures by preventing the transfer of heat. This reduces the workload on air conditioning system, leading to lower energy bills. Additionally, it contributes to a more environmentally-friendly home by reducing energy consumption. Ceiling insulation is a valuable investment for long-term comfort, savings, and sustainability. Earthwool® insulation comes in rectangles at either 430mm or 580mm widths to suit most ceiling joist centres. Plus, installation is quick and easy as Earthwool® Ceiling insulation is super-soft and less itchy to handle and install. Get into Bunnings today and make your home a comfort zone with Earthwool® Ceiling insulation.

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Earthwool® Wall insulation batts act as a barrier, preventing heat transfer from outside to inside. This helps maintain a cooler indoor environment, reducing the need for excessive air conditioning, resulting in lower electricity bills and a reduced environmental footprint. Additionally, it excels in its acoustic properties, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment in your home by effectively absorbing sound. The insulation is super soft and available in thicknesses suitable for 75mm and 90mm timber frames. Visit Bunnings today and transform your home into a comfort zone with Earthwool® Wall insulation.

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Earthwool® Multi Use Roll is an excellent choice for summer DIY projects. Its versatile design and easy installation make it a go-to insulation solution. During the warmer months, it acts as a highly effective barrier against outdoor heat, keeping your home cooler and more comfortable. This means reduced reliance on air conditioning, leading to lower energy bills. Its soft, user-friendly material ensures hassle-free installation, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts. With Earthwool® Multi Use Roll, you'll not only improve your home's energy efficiency but also create a more enjoyable living space for the summer season and beyond. Visit Bunnings today and transform your home into a comfort zone with Earthwool® Multi-Use roll.

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Install tips

If you are planning to install insulation yourself and need some advice and handy tips to help you install the insulation safely and correctly then check out our DIY videos below.

How to install Earthwool® glasswool Ceiling insulation

How to install Earthwool® glasswool Wall insulation

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