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R-Value is the measure of thermal resistance, or ability to resist heat to transfer from hot areas to cold areas. The higher the R-Value, the better your insulation will perform.

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As our highest rated option, Earthwool® R-2.5 Multi-Use insulation offers a superior all-round solution, enabling you to top up existing ceiling insulation or insulate wall cavities. Like all our products, it’s super soft and made using recycled glass. It comes in handy sized rolls that are 430mm or 580mm wide, which you can easily cut to the size you need and then quickly install it. As well as providing a great all-purpose option, this product is extremely durable, so will stand the test of time.

Installation Instruction

Installing Multi-Use insulation

If you’re planning to install your Earthwool® Multi-Use insulation yourself, that’s great. We love it when people get into a bit of DIY, and we try to help as much as possible. But before you go ahead, please download and read the instructions from the link above, check out the short video and tips below, and always make sure you have the right tools on hand.

Install Tips

  • Work with another person and maintain contact throughout both the assessment and installation process
  • Complete a pre-work assessment before installation to identify safety hazards
  • Install insulation during the coolest part of the day
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Wear appropriate clothing for the job (see installation instructions)

Tools you will need:

  • Sharp knife for trimming insulation
  • Ladder
  • Tape measure
  • Non-conductive insulation stick for positioning insulation in hard to reach areas (ceiling install)
  • Kneeling board to span ceiling framing (ceiling install)

Get to know your Multi-Use insulation

Below you’ll find a range of handy resources, including Earthwool® Multi-Use insulation product specifications and technical data, and installation guide. There’s also some more general info covering the ECOSE® Technology behind your Earthwool® insulation and what makes it so superior, as well as useful safety information. Download each resource and take a look.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Expand What is the fire performance of Earthwool® insulation?

    Earthwool® insulation is non-combustible and complies with the requirements of the Australian Standard AS1530.1 1994.

  • Expand What warranty does Earthwool® have?

    Most Earthwool® products come with a 50-year warranty. Check the product packaging for more details.

  • Expand What is the acoustic performance of Earthwool® Ceiling insulation?

    All Earthwool® products will provide some acoustic performance, as glasswool insulation comes with inherent sound absorbing properties.

  • Expand Are vermin or insects attracted to Earthwool®?

    No. Earthwool® insulation has been tested to show that it will not sustain vermin or attract insects.

  • Expand Can I use Earthwool® Ceiling batts in my walls?

    No. Earthwool® Ceiling batts are not designed to be used in walls and should not be compressed (squashed). Compressing Earthwool® insulation will reduce the thermal performance (R-Value) of the product and could potentially cause future issues, as the products are designed to recover to their specified thickness.

  • Expand What product should I use to provide high acoustic performance in my walls?

    The Earthwool® Wall products come in a range of R-Values and densities. The range starts at R-1.5, which provides economical energy saving and acoustic performance, and goes right up to R-2.7, which provides ultra-acoustic performance and energy saving.

  • Expand Why is Earthwool® softer and less itchy than traditional glasswool?

    Earthwool® uses a combination of new technologies, which make the product more comfortable to handle. Firstly, Knauf Insulation’s proprietary fiberisation process creates longer strands resulting in less ‘ends’, to reduce mechanical irritation. Secondly, Knauf Insulation’s patented ECOSE® Technology results in a much softer, less ‘crunchy’ and less dusty insulation product compared to traditional glasswool products made using formaldehyde.

  • Expand Why is Earthwool® brown?

    The distinctive brown colour of Earthwool® results from ECOSE® Technology. This natural binding process leads to a natural shade of earthy brown – free from dye or colourants. This is a result of five years of intensive research and development, as part of our commitment to being at the forefront of sustainability. In some cases, if Earthwool® is exposed to UV radiation, it may result in a white bleaching effect, however product performance is not diminished.

  • Expand How does the use of ECOSE® Technology make Earthwool® more sustainable than traditional glasswool products with formaldehyde?

    ECOSE® Technology is more sustainable because it uses a natural resin, which is less energy intensive than traditional formaldehyde binders. With ECOSE® Technology, rapidly renewable, organic materials replace the traditional petro-based chemicals used in standard insulation binders to create more advanced and sustainable products. ECOSE® Technology is formaldehyde free.

  • Expand What testing has Earthwool® with ECOSE® Technology gone through?

    Earthwool® products have undergone a comprehensive and rigorous evaluation to determine their environmental effects and acceptability in use, and indicate that products with ECOSE® Technology improve on the already excellent performance of conventional glasswool products. As with all Knauf Insulation products, Earthwool® has been independently appraised with BRANZ to comply with Australian Standards. Also, Earthwool® insulation is certified by Eurofins Gold as an ‘outstanding material’, according to the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) Indoor Air Quality emissions regulations. Earthwool® was awarded Eurofins Scientific’s first Indoor Air Comfort Gold Standard certificate as part of the Eurofins Air Comfort Gold standard testing and certification programme.

  • Expand Why does the Earthwool® insulation packaging look different in store?

    We’re currently in the process of updating some of our packaging, so you may find that the images shown here on our website vary slightly from what you see in store. The products within the packaging are of the same high quality though, so be sure you check the specs on the outside to make sure you’re buying the right insulation for your needs.