Nights are getting longer, days are getting colder and wearing a warm sweater or jacket is becoming essential. For those who are discovering — or have forgotten — how cold their homes can become at this time of the year, we’re here to help. One of the most effective ways to save money on heating costs and improve the comfort of your home during cooler temperatures is glasswool insulation.

Keep the heat inside

According to the Energy Efficiency Council, over eight million Australian homes require energy efficiency upgrades, leading to wasted money on heating and cooling bills and decreased home comfort. Like a warm jacket, insulation helps keep the warm air in, and keeps cold air out. One of the most cost-effective ways to save money on heating bills is by adding ceiling insulation. With up to 35 % of your home’s heat lost through the ceiling, you want to make sure yours is properly insulated.

Winterize your home by upgrading ceiling insulation

The first step to energy and cost savings is measuring your ceiling insulation. Use a tape measure to see how deep the current, if any, insulation is on your ceiling floor. Quick tip: if you can see your attic floor joists, you probably don’t have enough insulation. If any areas still need a top up, Earthwool Ceiling Insulation batts or Earthwool multi-use roll are widely available from your local Bunnings.
Earthwool insulation is non-combustible and made using recycled glass. It is also manufactured using our unique bio-based binder, ECOSE® Technology, which has no added formaldehyde. This makes our insulation soft to touch and easy to handle. Earthwool insulation is compression packed and lightweight, so you won’t struggle getting it into the car or up to the attic – just make sure you open the pack up there!

To keep your home cozy and energy efficient, it's crucial to choose the right insulation for your ceiling. The Building Code of Australia has specific requirements that vary based on your location's unique climate zone. For most major cities across the country such as Perth, Brisbane and Darwin, R4.0 rating is a minimum. However, if you reside in cooler regions like Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide, consider upgrading to R5.0 or R6.0 to prevent heat from seeping out during the chilly winter months. For alpine areas, where temperatures can plummet, R6.0 ceiling insulation is highly recommended to ensure your home stays toasty all year long. Installing Earthwool Ceiling Batt is a weekend DIY project that can save your energy bills for the lifetime of the home.

Here’s a step-by-step how to video:

Benefits beyond your wallet

Not only will ceiling insulation help you save on your monthly energy costs and keep you comfortable, you can also feel good about:

  • Improved indoor air quality— less pollen, dust and pests entering the home
  • Reduced noise from outside
  • Boost home re-sale value
  • Less energy waste = better for the environment

No matter what the weather looks like, comfort in your home starts with ceiling insulation. Bundling up your home with Earthwool insulation is important to keeping your heat inside your home and achieving a healthy, energy-efficient home no matter the season. Earthwool® insulation is safe to handle and simple to use. Our handy insulation calculator will tell you how many insulation batts you need to buy.